Tuesday, April 15, 2014

forgetting my password

in the rare instances that i visit this blog, the first thing i realize is that i don't remember my password, and that i want to post a complaint to the world that i don't remember it. but then i can't remember the log in to to post.  except this time, i got it on the 6th try. so now i complain: damn me and my forgetting of passwords!

and now..

have a picture of a mouse i made for the newletter of a local non profit.

shes not that good but was fun to draw again. 

i should get back to work ;p :p :| 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

With all the stuffs about the NSA and the Edward Snowden stuffs, being the narcissist that I am, I wondered if the guvment was spying on me. So I looked at my statcounter account (every narcissist should have something like it) and found:

3 May
Leavenworth, Kansas, United StatesUs Department Of Defense Network ( [Label IP Address]  bakiglog.blogspot.com/2010/11/squirrel-at-work-squirrel-works-hard.html
20 Mar
Chantilly, Virginia,United StatesScience Applications International Corporation (sa ( [Label IP Address] bakiglog.blogspot.com/2010/11/squirrel-at-work-squirrel-works-hard.html  
I find it totally awesome that my silly squirrel pics have been spied upon by these folks! And so, I make this blog post to commemorate these events :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

cute kitty and friends

 The family of one of my roomies was moving recently, and they weren't ready to take their cat, so my roomie was cat-sitting for just a couple of weeks. He was super cute and fun and cute and furry and cuddly and nice to pet, and made me sneeze, but i didn't care because he was cute. also he was cute because he was a cat. and he was cute.

Days before he left i made this lil toon of his sneeze inducing cuteness.

Days after he left, I discovered his sneeze inducing cuteness came with fleas, which he left behind :(

Oh well.

hes still cute though, so I forgive him. 


I made a "Yall" in response to jkru's tweet about Hyperbole and a Half's post about the mythical "Alot"

 julie k h 


Sometimes I don't even draw. I just sort of vandalize other peoples things. Like poor NastyaFaile's work.

I have no idea who she is or in what context she(?) made her original post, but I felt compelled to turn her =P into an algebra problem. Sorry NastyaFaile.

Joostvl_ then apparently felt compelled to solve the algebra problem. I don't know if he knows NastyaFaile at all. I know I don't know him. 

Anyway he solved it correctly so I gave him an A+. haaaah


This is yet another vandalism by me. 

The original, by beatlennon69 

.. my additions, at http://twitdraw.com/zt0cy6

.. the caption I wrote for it was of course, "Look at the weird purple dick in the middle" 

I hope that guy wasn't underage. It was somewhat obscene ;p . anyway he didn't seem to mind, and gave it a retweet later. eheh. 


 Some queen type lady on a throne. maybe i finish later. maybe not. meh.

some face of some lady. maybe i finish later. maybe not. probably not. actually i kind of feel like its finished. meh.

arty train of thought to failsville

So, some time ago i started drawing what I thought was going to be a kitty making a "rar" type clawing gesture.

Sometimes i get hung up on a certain part, say.. hands, for instance.  I leave it unfinished to continue again later.

So I say to myself, i will try to draw the hand separately, as practice, then integrate it in. I start on this, then crap out on the effort.

This also becomes left unfinished. Here is my shitty give ups because i was wearing the "wrong attitude" hat that day.

I decide, screw it. i never liked that cat anyway. so i draw a puppy instead who will like me more. He's asleep, therefore non-confrontational about my failings too. It's great.

I go back to the original drawing, get rid of the hands, and sorta kinda finish it.

I'm not too proud to admit I suck sometimes. what?

also that stupid cat didn't deserve hands anyway. bitch.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

twitpaint http://twitpaint.com/graffiti/gakisama

For a short while while twitdraw was down, I was using twitpaint. I didn't really like it as much.. sort of more jaggedy, like you could only draw at a blockier resolution; the ink point didn't follow the stylus well.  I don't really use it now that twitpaint is back up, but I wanted to keep my scribbles from there anyway. They are all at: http://twitpaint.com/graffiti/gakisama

Theres some different functionality:
1. There's a 140 stroke limit per session. wtf?? if you want to use more than 140 strokes, you have to end it/save it, then start again from your saved pic. 

2. It allows you to request art (see below). 

3. It lets you sort art by region of where the artist lives. weird. 

4. You can see art sorted by requests, "most discussed" "most reproduced" and "most continued."

5. It doesn't let you view playback of the process. 

maybe other stuff too. whatever. anyway it wasn't as fun to draw with so after this post, I think I am done with it, unless twitdraw breaks again. ;p 

This is my first drawing of me, alone, and on twitpaint

scribbly face

cat heiling a purple anus like thing in the sky or something

some girl

another some girl that reminds me of communist or ww2 propoganda

it was cold and lonely in that lab. also there was no stylus and tablet.


twitpaint allows people to make requests for drawings. the picture above was a response to: 
"I'd like to see your heart painted."  You can see the other responses at: http://twitpaint.com/req/vkuhv0

This picture is a response to another such request, at: http://twitpaint.com/req/17vs5d1
but I didn't click to start from the original thread, so its not listed there. 

 fulfilling a request for lip. see everyones responses at: http://twitpaint.com/req/7o3dla

request for "favorite animal" .. this is just what fell out of my brain. 
see everyones responses at: http://twitpaint.com/req/p593lg

stinkin incompatibility

So like, twitdraw apparently doesn't work with my Ubuntu's Firefox 3.6.17 yet.

Luckily, Applications>Accessories>Take Screenshot and Applications>Graphics>GIMP Image Editor does work. ;p

This link: http://twitdraw.com/wq0td9 shall mark the grave of the original work ;p

add to my drawing game

from an 'add to my drawing game'

(kermit was already in the drawing before i got to it)

http://twitdraw.com/kk5dul , Kermit by @Tasha26.


from another "add to the drawing" game: http://twitdraw.com/2irvw9