Sunday, May 29, 2011


For a short while while twitdraw was down, I was using twitpaint. I didn't really like it as much.. sort of more jaggedy, like you could only draw at a blockier resolution; the ink point didn't follow the stylus well.  I don't really use it now that twitpaint is back up, but I wanted to keep my scribbles from there anyway. They are all at:

Theres some different functionality:
1. There's a 140 stroke limit per session. wtf?? if you want to use more than 140 strokes, you have to end it/save it, then start again from your saved pic. 

2. It allows you to request art (see below). 

3. It lets you sort art by region of where the artist lives. weird. 

4. You can see art sorted by requests, "most discussed" "most reproduced" and "most continued."

5. It doesn't let you view playback of the process. 

maybe other stuff too. whatever. anyway it wasn't as fun to draw with so after this post, I think I am done with it, unless twitdraw breaks again. ;p 

This is my first drawing of me, alone, and on twitpaint

scribbly face

cat heiling a purple anus like thing in the sky or something

some girl

another some girl that reminds me of communist or ww2 propoganda

it was cold and lonely in that lab. also there was no stylus and tablet.


twitpaint allows people to make requests for drawings. the picture above was a response to: 
"I'd like to see your heart painted."  You can see the other responses at:

This picture is a response to another such request, at:
but I didn't click to start from the original thread, so its not listed there. 

 fulfilling a request for lip. see everyones responses at:

request for "favorite animal" .. this is just what fell out of my brain. 
see everyones responses at:

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