Sunday, July 24, 2011

cute kitty and friends

 The family of one of my roomies was moving recently, and they weren't ready to take their cat, so my roomie was cat-sitting for just a couple of weeks. He was super cute and fun and cute and furry and cuddly and nice to pet, and made me sneeze, but i didn't care because he was cute. also he was cute because he was a cat. and he was cute.

Days before he left i made this lil toon of his sneeze inducing cuteness.
Days after he left, I discovered his sneeze inducing cuteness came with fleas, which he left behind :(
Oh well.

hes still cute though, so I forgive him. 


I made a "Yall" in response to jkru's tweet about Hyperbole and a Half's post about the mythical "Alot"

 julie k h 


Sometimes I don't even draw. I just sort of vandalize other peoples things. Like poor NastyaFaile's work.

I have no idea who she is or in what context she(?) made her original post, but I felt compelled to turn her =P into an algebra problem. Sorry NastyaFaile.

Joostvl_ then apparently felt compelled to solve the algebra problem. I don't know if he knows NastyaFaile at all. I know I don't know him. 

Anyway he solved it correctly so I gave him an A+. haaaah


This is yet another vandalism by me. 

The original, by beatlennon69 

.. my additions, at

.. the caption I wrote for it was of course, "Look at the weird purple dick in the middle" 

I hope that guy wasn't underage. It was somewhat obscene ;p . anyway he didn't seem to mind, and gave it a retweet later. eheh. 

 Some queen type lady on a throne. maybe i finish later. maybe not. meh.
some face of some lady. maybe i finish later. maybe not. probably not. actually i kind of feel like its finished. meh.

arty train of thought to failsville
So, some time ago i started drawing what I thought was going to be a kitty making a "rar" type clawing gesture.

Sometimes i get hung up on a certain part, say.. hands, for instance.  I leave it unfinished to continue again later.

So I say to myself, i will try to draw the hand separately, as practice, then integrate it in. I start on this, then crap out on the effort.

This also becomes left unfinished. Here is my shitty give ups because i was wearing the "wrong attitude" hat that day.

I decide, screw it. i never liked that cat anyway. so i draw a puppy instead who will like me more. He's asleep, therefore non-confrontational about my failings too. It's great.
I go back to the original drawing, get rid of the hands, and sorta kinda finish it.

I'm not too proud to admit I suck sometimes. what?

also that stupid cat didn't deserve hands anyway. bitch.