Sunday, July 24, 2011

arty train of thought to failsville
So, some time ago i started drawing what I thought was going to be a kitty making a "rar" type clawing gesture.

Sometimes i get hung up on a certain part, say.. hands, for instance.  I leave it unfinished to continue again later.

So I say to myself, i will try to draw the hand separately, as practice, then integrate it in. I start on this, then crap out on the effort.

This also becomes left unfinished. Here is my shitty give ups because i was wearing the "wrong attitude" hat that day.

I decide, screw it. i never liked that cat anyway. so i draw a puppy instead who will like me more. He's asleep, therefore non-confrontational about my failings too. It's great.
I go back to the original drawing, get rid of the hands, and sorta kinda finish it.

I'm not too proud to admit I suck sometimes. what?

also that stupid cat didn't deserve hands anyway. bitch.

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