Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sometimes I don't even draw. I just sort of vandalize other peoples things. Like poor NastyaFaile's work.

I have no idea who she is or in what context she(?) made her original post, but I felt compelled to turn her =P into an algebra problem. Sorry NastyaFaile.

Joostvl_ then apparently felt compelled to solve the algebra problem. I don't know if he knows NastyaFaile at all. I know I don't know him. 

Anyway he solved it correctly so I gave him an A+. haaaah


This is yet another vandalism by me. 

The original, by beatlennon69 

.. my additions, at

.. the caption I wrote for it was of course, "Look at the weird purple dick in the middle" 

I hope that guy wasn't underage. It was somewhat obscene ;p . anyway he didn't seem to mind, and gave it a retweet later. eheh. 

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